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The aim of the PhD Program is to prepare candidates wishing to pursue an academic or research career. Graduates of the Program can be employed as faculty members, at senior level positions in banks, businesses and other public and private organizations. Our Department is a pioneer in organizing doctoral studies in Economics in Greece.
Graduates of the Program are currently serving as faculty members at universities in Greece and abroad, and are employed at research institutes such as the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), at the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), Bank of Greece να είναι link στην ιστοσελίδα  , and Ministries as senior executives, in private banks and other public and private organizations.



To apply to the Ph.D. Program someone must hold a Master’s Degree in Economics or related field. More generally, the Committee assesses applicants who hold a Master’s Degree in science with strong analytical background.  Applications are submitted during the call for applications period (usually April-August).

For admission to the PhD Program the following apply:

  1. Graduates of the MSc in Economic Theory course of the Department, who have been successfully examined in all courses in the two semesters acquiring a mean grade of seven (7) or above, are automatically admitted to the second year of the Ph.D. Program (see Program’s Structure). All other applications are evaluated by the Graduate Studies Committee.
  2. Applicants who hold a Master’s degree in “Applied Economics and Financial Analysis” Full-time or Part time Program of the Department, or the MSc in “Finance and Banking” Interdepartmental Part-time Program, are evaluated by the Graduate Studies Committee.(The good graduation grade of the applicant is, of course, an important evaluation criterion for the Committee, but not the only one, as the general study background of the applicant is taken into account). If accepted, they are admitted to the first year of the Ph.D. Program
  1. Prospective PhD students from other M.Sc. Programs are evaluated by the Graduate Studies Committee and are placed either at the first or second year of the Ph.D. Program
  1. It is possible that students be enrolled as PhD Candidates, without prior attendance of the four semesters of the PhD Program, under the following circumstances:
    1. They have successfully completed a 4-semester MSc or MPhil Program in Economic Theory, with a structure and content similar to the Department’s PhD program. Such Programs abroad, are, for example, the Math Econ & Econometrics of the LSE, the Economic Theory MSc/PhD of the UCL and the Economic Theory MSc/PhD of Toulouse.
    2. They have completed the above Program with a high grade. The grade required will depend on the particular Program the applicant has graduated from (University, courses etc) and it will be evaluated by the Graduate Studies Committee accordingly.
    3. They submit 2 reference letters concerning their ability to become PhD Candidates in our Department.
    4. They submit a Research Proposal and secure a teaching staff member of the Department willing to supervise their PhD Thesis.

Their application is examined by the Graduate Studies Committee which may also ask for an interview before making a decision.