It is the first postgraduate program run in Greece. Since its operation (1978), it is regarded as one of the top master’s programs in Greece.

It offers two specializations:

Economic Theory”: Graduates of this specialization are employed in large companies and organizations of private and public sector, such as: Bank of Greece, Ministry of Finance, State General Accounting Office, Hellenic Statistical Authority, National Bank of Greece etc, or they continue for PhD Studies in internationally known Universities, such as: Yale, MIT, Princeton, UCLA, Oxford, LSE UK, Harvard, Cambridge, Michigan, Bocconi, Groningen, Manheim, Stockholm etc, in order to be employed later in institutions (such as University of Chicago, Birmingham Business School, University of Ioannina, AUEB, European Central Bank). This is an English-speaking program.

“Applied Economics & Financial Analysis”: Graduates of this specialization are employed as top executives in large private companies, public organizations, banks, financial institutions, ministries, public authorities, in Greece and abroad, such as: ΙΒΜ, Accenture, KPMG, AlphaBank, Eurobank, Ernst&Young, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC), Amazon, Bloomberg, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Nestle, HSBC,  Advanzia Bank S.A. (Luxemburg), State Street Bank (Luxemburg), Central Bank of Italy, LLOYD’S Bank, European Central Bank (Frankfurt), Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, etc.

The course of study is up-to-date and of excellent structure. In addition to studying the international bibliography, alternative methods are used, such as lab sessions, case studies, assignments, seminars by top business executives etc.

Students acquire deep understanding of the fundamentals of economic thought and are prepared for a dynamic entry in the labor market. In addition to the knowledge they get, students are supplied with unique skills and interpersonal capabilities, such as:

  • development of critical thinking
  • improvement of analytical skills
  • development of team spirit
  • problem solving and decision making capabilities
  • working methodically and under pressure