The Program has a detailed database of the employment records of its graduates, particularly from 2003 and onwards. This database is updated every May, so that we keep track of our graduates’ employment development. According to our recent database (May 2009) which has data for our graduates from entry year 2003 to 2009:

  • 30%-40% of the graduates of the M.Sc. in Economic Theory continue their studies for Ph.D. in Greece or abroad, while the remaining 60%-70% enters the labor market. The corresponding percentage for the M.Sc. in Applied Economics and Financial Analysis is 4%-5% and 95%-96%.
  • 70%-75% of the graduates entering the labor market find employment during the first year of their graduation, while the vast majority has found a job after the second year of graduation.
  • 15%-20% of the employed graduates work in the Public Sector, while the remaining 80%-85% works in the Private Sector. From the latter, about 40% are employed in banking and, more generally, in the financial sector.
  • Unemployment among our graduates is around 4% and to a large extent it is frictional.