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  • The writing of the dissertation takes place during the 3rd semester and is compulsory for all students.
  • The topic, the supervisor and the examiners must be declared to the Secretariat until May 31. Announcements about the process, the suggested topics and the research areas of the teaching staff of the Department of Economics, or of professors of other Departments who may teach in the Program, are made by the Secretariat in due time.
  • The deadline for the dissertation submission is 31st January. For those enrolled in the PhD Program of the Department of Economics the deadline is 31st March. The above deadlines can be extended at most by a month (28 February and 30 April, respectively) after the student submits a relevant request to the Graduate Studies Committee with the suitable reasoning and the agreement of the supervisor.

Dissertation submission beyond these deadlines, and provided the dissertation is judged as successful, leads to graduation in the following academic year and to degree acquisition not earlier than the 1st February of the next year. During this period a certificate of studies completion cannot be issued.