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Information about Applications for Admission and the required supporting documents 

Applications for admission along with the supporting documents for the MSc in Economics Full-time Program are submitted throughout the year in the Secretariat of the MSc Program.

Along with the application for admission, the following are submitted:

  1. Bachelor Degree with official transcript. (Those in the final year of their bachelor studies, along with the official transcript, are required to submit a solemn declaration of article 8 of Greek Law 1599/1986 stating that, in case they are accepted to the MSc Program, they must have completed their Bachelor studies until September of the year they enter the MSc Program, in order to be able to register.)
  2. Recognition Act by DOATAP (Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre / NARIC) for Bachelor Degrees obtained abroad (more information at )
  3. Certificate of very good knowledge of the English language (Level C2/C1) (e.g. TOEFL with a grade greater than 79, IELTS with a grade greater than 7, TOEIC with a grade greater than 785, etc)
  4. Two recommendation letters from academic staff, which can either be submitted by the applicant in closed and sealed envelope each or sent directly by the referee to the Secretariat of the MSc Program
  5. A 60€ fee for the evaluation of the application [60€ is deposited at the MSc program’s bank account (account number: 110/48007535, account holder: Research Centre of AUEB) at the National Bank of Greece. A copy of the deposit slip must be attached to the application for admission]