PhD Thesis Writing

Upon acceptance to the PhD Program, the PhD Candidates start preparing their PhD Thesis, which must be completed in at least 3 or at maximum 6 years since the date their Three-Member Advisory Committee was appointed.

The General Assembly of the Department may decide for a PhD Candidate, along with his/her acceptance to the Program, his/her obligation to attend and be examined successfully, during the first 2 years of his/her PhD Thesis writing, in a number of courses offered by the MSc in Economics program offered by the Department of Economics.


PhD Thesis Completion

When the Three-Member Advisory Committee considers that the Thesis has been completed, it gives its approval for the submission and final assessment to a Seven-Member Examining Committee. The Thesis is assessed as “successful” or “unsuccessful”.


PhD Diploma Award

After evaluation of the Thesis as “successful”, the PhD Candidate is proclaimed as Doctor of the Economics Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business and is awarded a “Ph.D. in Economics” degree.