Kasapis Apostolos Econometric Methods in Game Theory: Applications in Microeconomics, Auction Theory and Industrial Organization E.Tzavalis
Ilias Nikolaos
A new habit based explanation of the exchange rate risk premium E.Tzavalis
Saperas Sotirios Open Economy New Keynesian Models A. Philippopoulos
Moustakas Alexandros Essays in industrial and economic impact analysis N.Vettas
Kagiaras Athanasios
Impacts of immigration on labor outcomes via a search and matching model
Th. Palivos
Kofopoulou Georgia
Bank behavior over the business cycle: Quantitative Models and Empirical Implications Aik. Kyriazidou
Kardara Styliani
The Impact of the Basel Committee Standards in the Banking System Stability
Koumariotis Evangelos
Quantitative techniques for competition and antitrust analysis
C. Genakos
Valentis Ilias
Optimal Fiscal Policy under Private Information in Models with Heterogeneous Households
Th. Palivos
Vidali Maria
Curriculum Vitae
Essays on Productivity and Firm Performance
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A. Demos
Chatzilena Anastasia
Curriculum Vitae
Essays on the health economics of infectious diseases
St. Arvanitis
Giakas Konstantinos Essays on Market Frictions and Aggregate Fluctuations G. Alogoskoufis
Kobothekra Anna Essays in Greek economic history: inequality, crises and macroeconomic trends in the 20th century I.S.Pepelasi
Konstantopoulou Niki
Curriculum Vitae
Proper Tests for First, Second, Third and Dara Stochastic Dominance E.Tzavalis
Liontos Georgios
Curriculum Vitae
Essays on Optimal Taxation A. Philippopoulos
Tsangaris Spyridon
Curriculum Vitae
Spatial Externalities and Agglomerations in Spatiotemporal Economics A. Xepapadeas
Tsomidis Georgios
Curriculum Vitae
Prospect Stochastic Dominance Efficiency E.Tzavalis
Chondrou Anastasia Essays on Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models with Financial Frictions Sp. Pagratis
Papantonis Ioannis
Curriculum Vitae
Essays in Financial Derivatives Pricing E.Tzavalis
Kanigaridis Nikolaos Essays in Economic Policy E. Vasilatos
Tarasidou Aikaterini Bayesian Evaluation of DSGE Models with Financial and Labour Frictions E.Tzavalis
Dimas Athanasios Essays on Applied Microeconomics C. Genakos
Tagaraki Theano-Maria
Curriculum Vitae
The impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Firms and Economic Growth
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C. Genakos
Zaverdas Dimitrios Factor Adjustment Costs, Asset Pricing and the Investment CAPM Pl. Sakellaris
Slabchenko Anastasia The determinant factors of momentum stategies in international capital markets E.Tzavalis
Valaskas Konstantinos Dynamic optimization and revenue management: capacity constraints and energy markets applications N.Vettas
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Koumoutsos Panagiotis The Effects of Fintech on Banking and Economic Growth Tr.Kollintzas
Chountas Konstantinos Theory and Applications in Panel Data Dynamic Discrete Choice Models St. Arvanitis
Gkioka Maria Essays on Debt and the Greek debt crisis E. Vasilatos
Athanasiou Eleftherios Essays on the role of investment in DSGE models E. Vasilatos
Kalfas Stefanos Essays on Regulation C. Genakos
Agapitos Orestis Business Cycles and the Public Sector E. Vasilatos
Streza Danjel Essays on the Theory of Optimal Taxation Pl. Sakellaris
Nomikou-Lazarou Eirini Climate Change and the Financial Sector A. Xepapadeas
Vergeti Maria Essays on bank profitability and cost of equity Sp. Pagratis 
Papadaki Lydia Empirical Illustration of agents behavior in climate change regulation under ambiguity Ph. Koundouri
Ntemian Ilias Essays on the Macroeconomic impact of climate change E. Vassilatos
Motsios Nikolaos Topics in Macroeconomic Dymanics E. Dioikitopoulos
 Yfantis Nikolaos
Essays on household finance Pl. Sakellaris