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After holding my BSc in Mathematics, I was searching a strong program that I could be able to progress my thinking and expand my sphere of knowledge. The MSc in Economics (specialization economic theory) program combines elements from pure mathematical theories and contexts (mathematical analysis, probability theory, differential calculus, game theory)   with the fundamentals of economics (macro –micro economics, econometrics) using the most update computational methods (MATLAB, R) for empirical and predictive analysis. Professors are of superior level working in the front line of high quality research with continuous contact with the best international universities across the U.S. and Europe. The classmates – colleagues are high qualified students coming across different backgrounds and academic environments. After the 1 year full time programme, the students will obtain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of economic thinking.  They will be well prepared for a precious academic career as well as for a strong and qualified entry in the job market. I highly recommend it!

Panos Averbach
MSc in Economic Theory, 2010
Risk Analyst, Advanzia Bank S.A. Luxembourg


My time in AUEBʼs MSc in Economic Theory program has been crucial for my academic development. The programʼs structure and its courses, which are similar to what other top universities in Europe and North America offer, helped me acquire all the theoretical, mathematical and econometric tools necessary to make a successful transition from undergraduate studies to a rigorous PhD program. What is more, I got guidance from the programʼs faculty members, who helped me navigate my options for pursuing an academic career in Economics and whose support was invaluable for my admission to Princeton’s PhD program. I believe that the MSc in Economic Theory program in AUEB is without a doubt an excellent choice for any students wishing to follow an academic career in Economics in Greece or abroad.

Charis Katsiardis
MSc in Economic Theory, 2014
PhD Student in Economics, Princeton University, USA


Having attended the Postgraduate Program in Economics offered by Athens University of Economics and Business (MSc & PhD), I gained deep knowledge, expertise and a significant advantage in the labor market both in academia and business.

In academia, throughout the program I had the opportunity to work with renowned professors, participate in research programs and publish my work in international refereed journals. In business, it equipped me with significant skills which I apply to my everyday tasks following a successful career totally aligned with my studies.
Currently, I work as a research Economist at the Economic Research and Analysis Division of Alpha Bank.

The top quality of its courses combined with its world recognized academic staff is a guarantee for the professional recognition of its graduates

Efthymios Argyropoulos, MSc, PhD
PhD in Economics, 2013
MSc in Economic Theory, 2008
Economic Research and Analysis Division
Alpha Bank, Greece

“The MSc in Economic Theory enabled me to build strong foundation in theoretical economics and sharpen my analytical skills. More specifically, courses like Microeconomics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance not only gave me insights on corporate strategy and business tools, they also set me for success in my MBA pursuit in one of the most competitive Ivy League schools. This course is highly recommended to students interested in a global career”

Anastasia Roumelioti
Απόφοιτος κατεύθυνσης Οικονομικής Θεωρίας, 2008

Head of Marketing & Communications
Hawes & Curtis | Ghost, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο






Holding a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Informatics I was looking for a Master that will deepen into the financial sector.

MSc in Economic Science following market and interesting ways of teaching (organized visits by companies, case studies analysis, etc.) gave me the opportunity to contact with various companies, to see their way of working and to analyze significant economic events. Through these initiatives, I realized what I wanted to do and develop my thinking on different economic decisions.

Two years after, being a consultant in the financial sector at Accenture, I realize that the acquisition of this Master has contributed significantly to my development at the professional field. Team work in combination with the right guidance and organization helped me to develop my team spirit, feature particularly useful for my current position since that I work with professionals from Greece and abroad.

Finally, analytical skills contributed to the understanding and processing of critical tasks


Εvangelia Stavropoulou}
MSc in Applied Economics & Finance, 2014
Analyst, Accenture Financial Services, Greece

The Msc in Applied Economics & Finance assisted me substantially in my later professional development, as I obtained not only valuable knowledge from it, but it developed further my soft skills – namely being persistent, determined and constantly aiming for the best result on my efforts – elements which are essential for a successful professional career.

Dimitrios Kleisiaris
MSc in Applied Economics & Finance, 2012
Investment Funds Oversight and Valuation
State Street Bank, Luxembourg

My studies at the programme were beneficial in two separate ways. At first, my knowledge and my scientific level was well-developed, as it was a very demanding and high-quality process. At second, through my studies I got equipped with a very useful and reputable certification, which consisted a valuable asset in my job-searching activity.

Ioannis Vekris
MSc in Economic Theory, 2012
Financial Analyst
IBM International Service Center, Slovakia

The combination of technical knowledge and strategic thinking is increasingly sought after on the labour market; more specifically it is highly appreciated in the Consulting and Financial Services industry. The MSc in Applied Economics helped me meet my job’s requirements by offering me an extensive background in Econometrics, Strategy and Data Analysis topics. During my studies I developed analytical skills and learnt how to deal with complex problems in a more systematic way. Last but not least, I was mentored by passionate, top level Professors, well-known in their fields of expertise and I still refer to them for guidance. The graduates can be good candidates for demanding and promising jobs.

Nikolaos Droukas
MSc in Applied Economics & Finance, 2013
Credit risk officer, Credit Risk Analysis Division – Wholesale Banking, Alpha Bank, Greece